I Sew Ribbons

...The ramblings of a Kawaii-obsessed ribbon artist

Nikki|ニッキ~. Age 24. Northern California. Loves Kawaii Japanese fashions; Lolita, Fairy Kei, Decora, Hadeko, etc. I'm a ribbon enthusiast & I want to share my craft with you! Check out the link above, "Ribbonwork Resources" to find many fun and inspiring tutorials on the art of ribbons.

Rib·bon|リボン /'ribən/ Noun ; A long, narrow strip of fabric, used to tie something, or for decoration. Synonyms: ribband, strip. The enormous demand for ribbon was one of the sparks of the Industrial Revolution. From The History of Ribbon

During the Jazz Age, women would utilize ribbon in many different ways; not only to make flowers, bows, pinwheels, and cocardes, but also on hats, as sashes, even entire garmets were made of ribbon!

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